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Patterned Test Wafers

300mm patterned wafer  
  • High Quality – Advanced photolithography capability, provided from wafer fabs and other high quality suppliers located worldwide enables fabrication of patterned test wafers meeting the most challenging customer requirements.

  • Wide Selection – We provide film stacks for many applications. Check with us for an off the shelf, patterned test wafer solution to your custom application.

  • Flexible Solutions – We can provide custom patterned test wafer products for your unique requirements.

Sample Patterned Test Wafers

  • CMP Characterization Wafers
    –  Copper
    –  Tungsten
    –  Tungsten Via
    –  Shallow Trench Isolation (STI)

  • Other Patterned Test Wafers
    –  Amorphous Carbon Test Wafers
    –  Tungsten Gate Wafers
    –  Dual Damascene
    –  Self Aligned Contacts
    –  Bump Test Patterns

  • Photolithography Capabilities
    –  193nm ArF Immersion Photolithography
    –  193nm ArF Conventional Photolithography
    –  KrF
    –  i-Line

Advantiv 70nm Line and Space Pattern
70nm line space pattern

Advantiv 80nm Line and Space Pattern
80nm line space pattern

Advantiv Contact Pattern
contact pattern at 280nm pitch

Check with us for patterned test wafers for your custom applications!

Patterned Test Wafer Information

Patterned Test Wafer Applications
Patterned test wafers are extensively used by semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers to develop new wafer fabrication processes and maintain existing ones.

Patterned test wafers differ from Blanket Film test wafers because they include additional process steps to create patterns on the blanket film.   The steps include an application of photoresist, followed by patterning of the resist using a photomask.  The exposed resist is developed, leaving behind a die pattern on the wafer.

The die pattern can include many test structures, including lines, spaces, holes and different features. A typical test pattern may contain several arrays with features of different sizes and spacings.

CMP Characterization Wafers
Manufacturers of CMP equipment and consumables, such as slurries and pads, use patterned test wafers to evaluate the performance of their products. The patterned test wafers simulate the behavior of device wafers used by their fab end user customers.

Advantiv provides several standard products that support CMP testing. These wafers, called CMP Characterization Test Wafers, help CMP equipment and consumables suppliers during process development.

One example is Advantiv part number 2-431-0107, a 200mm patterned copper test wafer. The starting substrate is a 200mm virgin silicon wafer. The wafer is blanketed with a 5,000Å of PE-TEOS, 1,400Å of Silicon Nitride and 5,000Å of PE-TEOS. The oxide is patterned and etched through the top PE-TEOS layer using an MIT854 Mask. This is followed by barrier and adhesion layers of 125Å Tantalum and 125Å Tantalum Nitride, a seed layer of 1,000Å of PVD Copper and 10,000Å of electroplated copper, followed by an thermal anneal.

The MIT854 was a test mask designed specifically for copper CMP characterization. The mask was targeted to address five areas:

  • Intra-level M1 polishing pattern effects due to various pattern factors created by different line width and line space combinations such as density and pitch, and combinations of structures, such as step density and step pitch.
  • Inter-layer multi-level effects of polishing pattern effects with non-uniform topography on a layer below.
  • Intra-layer and inter-layer capacitance and resistance variations due to polishing non-uniformity such as dishing and erosion, and combined RC variation for circuit impact study.
  • Yield issues with via-chains, serpentine lines and comb structures.
  • Slotting structures for optimization of design rules to reduce copper dishing for wide lines.
The 2-431-0107 Patterned Copper CMP Test Wafer contains features with line and space patterns of 0.18μ lines with 1:1 pitch and larger. Other patterned test wafers are also available from Advantiv Technologies for CMP characterization.

Other Patterned Test Wafer Process Development Uses
Patterned test wafers are also used for process development in etching, cleaning, filling and other fabrication processes. Metrology and Inspection equipment manufacturers also utilize patterned test wafers during equipment development.

Etch equipment manufacturers utilize patterned test wafers to characterize the effectiveness of new etch processes. For our etch customers, and others requiring advanced photolithography, we can provide line and space patterns and contact hole patterns with a 90nm feature size process of record using advanced photolithography equipment, including an ASML Twinscan AT:1150i Immersion Photolithography System.  By combining different blanket films, Advantiv provides patterned test wafers for Shallow Trench Isolation (STI) and Gate wafer stacks. New patterned test wafer products include tungsten gate wafers.

In addition to immersion photolithography, Advantiv provides patterned test wafer photolithography services performed on a wide range of equipment types. Other processes include traditional 193nm ArF photolithography, KrF photolithography and I-Line.  These processes utilize many photomask technologies, including attenuated phase shift masks, optical proximity correction (OPC) in addition to traditional binary masks. For customers with specific patterned test wafer requirements, Advantiv can provide custom photomasks.

For applications using feature sizes of 2.5μ and larger, Advantiv can provide patterned test wafers using Proximity Printing or Contact Photolithography. These processes have the added benefit of enabling lower cost prototyping by utilizing a Mylar photomask prior to a quartz production mask.

Patterned Test Wafers from Advantiv Technologies
Advantiv provides a wide selection of standard and custom patterned test wafers. Leverage our comprehensive product offering and solid engineering expertise to find a solution for your unique patterned test wafer application.

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