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Blanket Film Test Wafers

Sheet Film Test Wafers  
  • High Quality

  • Wide Selection – We provide film stacks for many applications. Check with us for an off the shelf solution to your custom application.

  • Flexible Solutions – We can provide custom blanket film test wafers for your unique requirements.

Special Test Wafer Products
  • 300mm Black Diamond™ – Manufactured at a wafer fab in Japan, the standard product has 5,000Å Black Diamond I film (k < 3) on silicon substrate.  Alternative thickness are available upon request.

  • Next Generation, Black Diamond II (BD2x) – Ultra-low k dielectric film (k = 2.4) available in 300mm diameter with 5,000Å standard thickness.   Black Diamond IIx wafers are available uncapped, or capped with 400Å of PE-CVD TEOS.  Custom configurations with different thicknesses or combinations with other films are available.

  • 300mm BPSG – This high quality 300mm BPSG is manufactured at a fab in Japan. Standard film is 10,000Å with 700° Nitrogen anneal on low particle, bare silicon substrate.

  • 200mm BPSG – Manufactured at a fab in Japan. Standard films are 12,000Å and 15,000Å with 600° anneal on low particle, bare silicon substrate.

  • aC – 300mm Amorphous Carbon 2,000A film available with a variety of film stacks.  This product is available as a patterned wafer with an 80nm Line and Space pattern or 110nm Contact pattern.

  • Porous, ULK Coral™ – Advanced, low k dielectric film deposited on a Novellus PE-CVD system, followed by a UVTP (Ultraviolet Thermal Process). k value ≈ 2.5

  • WSi – 300mm Tungsten Silicide 1,000A film in a gate stack with 40A Gate Oxide.  Also commonly combined in a stack with WN.  Thickness as low as 50A.  Available as blanket film or patterned test wafer in 200mm or 300mm.

  • WN – 300mm Tungsten Nitride film provides an excellent adhesion layer between Silicon and Tungsten.  Also available in 200mm diameter.

  • NiSi – Nickel Silicide, available in 200mm and 300mm diameters. Standard film is 1,000Å on bare silicon.

  • Spin Coated Films Spin On Glass (SOG) and Spin On Dielectric (SOD) films for Planarization, ILD, Gap Fill and other process development applications.

  • Benzocyclobutene (BCB) Test Wafers – 200mm silicon wafers with Dow Chemical, CYCLOTENE™ BCB, advanced electronic resin, spin coated and cured.  BCB films available in a range of thicknesses with soft or hard cure.

Standard Test Wafers with Blanket Films

Oxide: Thermal SiO2
Low Particle Thermal Oxide
Polysilicon: Doped and Undoped
Low-k: Black Diamond™
Black Diamond II™
Porous Ultra-Low K Coral™
Metals: Refractory - Ta, TaN, Ti, TiN, TiW, W, WSi, WN and Cr
Conductive - Cu, Al, AlCu, AlSi, AlSiCu
Precious - Pt, Ru, Rh, Pd, Au, Ag, Ir
Ferromagnetic - Co, Ni
Nitride: LP-CVD SiN
Photoresists: i-Line
Other Spin Coated Films Spin On Glass (SOG)
Spin On Dielectric (SOD)

Wafer Processing Services
  • CMP – Comprehensive CMP services for 200 and 300mm wafers

  • Deposition – Blanket films with atmospheric furnaces, LP-CVD and PE-CVD, Sputtered and Evaporated metal films and ALD

  • Etch – Wet and Dry etch capabilities

  • Photolithography – 200mm and 300mm photolithography services and test wafer patterning

  • Wafer Metrology and Inspection
    Defect analysis and film thickness measurement

  • Reclaim and Recycling

Check with us for Test Wafers with Custom Blanket Films!

Blanket Film Test Wafer Information

Blanket Film Test Wafer Applications
Blanket film test wafers are used in the development and maintenance of semiconductor fabrication processes. Semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers, for example, use blanket film test wafers to characterize fabrication processes.

Test wafers simulate the behavior of fab end user device wafers when processed on fabrication equipment. Since they are less expensive than patterned test wafers or device wafers, they provide a cost effective means performing process analysis on silicon wafer substrates.

Typically, blanket film test wafers include a series of one or more films fabricated on bare silicon wafers. Common films include oxides, nitrides, and different types of metals such as Tantalum, Copper and Aluminum. More exotic films include Nickel Silicide, Tungsten Silicide, Amorphous Carbon and other new materials.

Advantiv can supply 300mm low particle thermal oxide wafers. Typical LPD (Light Point Defect) levels are less than 30 particles at ≥0.136μm.

Some materials have specific trade names, such as Applied Materials Black Diamond™ and Black Diamond II™ low-K films, and Novellus Coral™ a low-K dielectric, carbon doped, oxide film processed on a Sequel Express™ CVD System.

CMP Characterization Wafers
Blanket copper wafers, blanket tungsten wafers and oxide wafers are used to support process development for CMP. Suppliers of CMP equipment and consumables use these wafers to determine the effectiveness of their products and processes. Blanket film test wafers can be used to characterize parameters such as polish rates, uniformity, dishing, erosion, and underpolish.

Advantiv offers a standard 200mm Blanket Copper test wafer with 3,000Å of thermal oxide, 250Å of Tantalum and 1,000Å of PVD Copper. Another standard blanket copper test wafer is available with electroplated copper. A standard 200mm electroplated blanket copper wafer is 3,000Å of thermal oxide with 250Å of Tantalum Nitride with 1,000Å of PVD Copper Seed and 15,000Å of electroplated copper, with an anneal.

Advantiv offers many configurations of blanket copper test wafers. Please contact us for more information on them.

Other Blanket Film Test wafers
Blanket film test wafers are also used for testing of etch rates and uniformities, measuring cleaning effectiveness, characterizing deposition uniformity and coverage and other evaluating process parameters. Blanket film test wafers are also used in the setup and calibration of equipment.

Advantiv part number 2TA-0109 is an example of a product used for setup of metrology equipment. It is a set of ten wafers, with Tantalum deposited over a pad oxide on bare 200mm silicon. There are two wafers of each of the following thicknesses:  200Å, 500Å 1,000Å 2,000Å and 3,000Å. The wafer set is also available with Tantalum Nitride, Tungsten, Ruthenium or Copper films.

Economically priced photoresist coating services are also available. Resist application can be provided for wafers ranging from 2 inch diameter to 300mm diameter.

Wafer Processing Services from Advantiv Technologies
Advantiv utilizes a global infrastructure to provide a comprehensive selection of wafer processing services. Please contact us for your custom blanket film test wafer processing requirements.

Contact Advantiv Technologies

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