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Mechanical Grade, 300mm Wafer

bare silicon wafers
Great for Automation Testing and Equipment Setup!
  • High Quality – Manufactured by major silicon suppliers, Japan as well as US.
  • Virgin/Relaim Wafers – Excellent selection of wafers vigin/reclaimed
  • Double Sided Polished – This is the same surface finish as wafers used in 300mm fabs. Using these wafers provides for more realistic testing handling equipment than when using single sided polish or reclaimed wafers.
  • Center Thickness – Center Thickness:
    Virgin Wafers @ SEMI Standard thickness of 750µm – 800µm.
    Reclaimed wafers @ 700µm – 800µm.
    Thickness verification insures these wafers duplicate automation handling characteristics of wafers used by fabs.
  • Any Order Quantity – No minimum required

  • All sales must comform to standard Advantiv purchasing requirments of Min. $200 PO value
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