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450mm Silicon Wafers

 Advantiv 450mm Wafer shown in Entegris Carrier
  • Enables Development of 450mm Process Equipment – An excellent product for characterizing 450mm silicon wafer behavior when designing and testing automation equipment

  • Consistent with Anticipated 450mm SEMI Guidelines and Standards – 925μm thickness conforms to ISMI provisional values for 450mm wafer thickness. Configured with Notch.

  • Various types of 450mm Wafers available – CZ Silicon wafers, Quartz wafers, Sputtered Chrome w/Glass, High Quality Glass wafers,

  • High Quality products – Manufactured in Japan.

450mm Wafer shown in an Entegris Carrier.

Entegris 450mm wafer Web Page




* Ask about our (SWS) Single Wafer Carriers as well as our latest 450mm Carriers



    450mm Wafer Product Info

Advantiv 450mm Silicon Wafer Product Applications

  • Intended for Equipment Automation Designs and Testing
    –  Material Handling Equipment (try our 450mm Wafers with Cr films for a more cost effective solution)
    –  Robotics and Pre-alignment hardware (also try our 450mm Quartz solutions)
    –  End Effectors and Process Chucks (try our filmed products for IR related solutions)
    –  Load Ports and Equipment Front End Modules
    –  Equipment chamber design
    –  Wafer Carriers and storage devices

Advantiv 450mm Chrome and Glass Wafers also available...

Check with us to purchase 450mm silicon wafers

In addition to our 450mm wafer diameters, mechanical wafers can also be available in 300mm, 200mm and smaller sizes

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