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About Advantiv

Advantec Corporate Headquarters Advantiv Technologies, Inc. is part of the Advantec group of companies. Advantec Co. Ltd is a Japan–based manufacturing and sourcing company supplying a variety of components and consumables to the semiconductor equipment and related industries. In both the wafer and vacuum components markets, Advantec ranks within the Top 5 in Japan, thanks to over 200 customers. In November of 2001, Japan’s Nikkei Business Daily named Advantec as one of the top five fastest growing companies in Japan.

Advantiv provides easy access to Pacific Rim products for semiconductor equipment and related industries. The company’s trusted Pacific Rim network, as well as its in–house manufacturing in Japan, empowers equipment and materials manufacturers to procure quality–assured products at extremely competitive prices and lead–times. By partnering with Advantiv, companies can benefit from the responsiveness of a local supplier, while gaining instant Pacific Rim access through Advantiv’s multi–cultural business and technical capabilities.

Advantiv Products
For customers looking to capitalize on the most comprehensive product opportunities in the Pacific Rim, Advantiv offers bare and blanket film wafers (Cu, Low-K, BPSG etc.), leading-edge patterned wafers (ArF, CMP characterization, dual damascene, SAC, etc.), vacuum components, gas supply manifolds, and an ever-expanding list of specialized consumables and electro–mechanical components. A recognized leader in Japan’s semiconductor wafer and vacuum components markets, Advantiv/Advantec has the experience and economies of scale to cost–effectively manufacture and source throughout the Pacific Rim, while ensuring the quality and responsiveness their Japanese and U.S. customers have come to expect.

Advantiv Services
Advantiv is the procurement services partner of choice for equipment manufacturers looking to leverage the Pacific Rim supply base. Given a customer–specified bill of materials, Advantiv/Advantec relies on its robust sourcing network and streamlined international procurement processes to provide highly competitive pricing. In the execution phase, they leverage their multi-cultural industry expertise to quickly and effectively address cross-border business and technical issues. This ensures clients of on-time, worry–free materials delivery from the Pacific Rim, and frees up their procurement resources to focus on other strategic initiatives.

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