Advantiv provides a wide variety of wafer processing capability for most semiconductor needs.

What is a semiconductor? A semiconductor is a substance, usually a solid chemical element or compound, that can conduct electricity under some conditions but not others. They are quite commonly found in almost all electronic devices today. The foundation for all semiconducors starts with a silicon wafer. Wafers go through a miriad of different steps of processing some of them are Baking, Deposition, Diffusion, Implantation, Lithography, Etch and more. Ultimately many of these wafer processing steps are needed to produce a single semiconductor.

Providing solutions for your next steps in processing or just from the beginning.

    Our wafer diameters range from 50mm thru 300mm and beyond (450mm included).

  • Wafer types that can be provided are: Virgin, Test, low to medium particle to mechanical grade.
  • Products which require bow, warp and ultra flatness can also be provided.
  • We welcome projects with patterned solutions for all specific needs.
  • Offering Low Particle Thermal Oxidation.

  • Utilizing Advantec's Nagasaki Fab, Advantiv can provide very Low Particle Oxide processing on their wafers
  • Standard Thickness ranges from 1KÅ to 20KÅ.
  • We welcome projects that are a shared effort between the customer and supplier.
  • Offering Patterning to fit your needs.

  • We are very versed in advising with your GDS file or just a concept file.
  • We may have already an existing patterned wafer for your needs.
  • Offering Technology Node sizes comparable to many state of the art fabs.
  • Offering Deposition, Electro-Plating, Thinning, Grinding, Dicinging and even Metrology Services to fit your needs.

    Ask about our additional services.

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