"WAFER-NOLOGY" the Terminology of Wafers

MCS -- Material Control System

A computer controlled system which manages the transporting and storing of work in progress material in a manufacturing environment.


A software control system for managing and monitoring work-in-process material in a manufacturing environment.


The CVD or PVD deposition of a layer of high-conductivity metal used to interconnect devices on a chip. Metals typically used include aluminum, tungsten and copper, etc.

Millimetre -- is a unit of length in the metric system. 25.4mm = 1 inch.

*Note: Rarely use millimetre. For wafer thickness and films, normally use Microns (μ), Nanometers (µµ), Angstroms (Å).
*Note: Micrometer, Micrometre (μm ) is a.k.a Micron. The term micron and the symbol μ.
The micrometer is a common unit of measurement for wavelength of infrared radiation.
(A single strand of hair usually has a diameter of 20 to 180 μm. Red blood cells are approx 8 8 μm in diameter.)

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