"WAFER-NOLOGY" the Terminology of Wafers


Laser Scribe --

A technique that uses lasers to ablate the surface of a silicon wafer in order to define the wafer with an idenitification marker or number.

LED -- Light Emitting Diode

A semiconductor device that emits light when an electric current flows through it. An LED consists of a p-n junction which is constructed in such a way that a photon of light is emitted when a pair of charge carriers recombine.

Lithography -- a.k.a. Photo-Lithography

The transfer of a pattern or image from one medium to another, such as from a photomask to a wafer using a stepper.

LOCOS -- short for LOCal Oxidation of Silicon


LOW-K --

A dielectric material having relatively greater insulating ability than silicon dioxide (SiO2), usually with a k<3.5.

LPD -- Light Point Defects

individual fine points of reflected light seen when the wafer is illuminated by a narrow-beam light source held perpendicular to the wafer surface.

LSI -- Large Scale Integration

A chip with between 3,000 and 100,000 transistors on a single die. The first LSI chips were produced in the mid- 1970s.
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