"WAFER-NOLOGY" the Terminology of Wafers

GBIR -- Global Backside Indicated Reading (Silicon Wafers)

GOI -- Gate Oxide Integrity (implies electrical "integrity" of gate oxide; determined through various current/voltage/electric field stress tests of MOS gate stacks.)

GUI -- Graphical User Interface.

Haze -- Haze is a condition of a wafer surface resulting in a significant level ...

HDP -- High Density Plasma

A plasma featuring high concentration of free electrons, and hence, high concentration of ions.

HDP-CVD -- High Desity Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition

A type of plasma-enhanced CVD performed under high vacuum and at high plasma excitation voltage in order to improve the ability to fill small high aspect ratio structures.

High-K Dielectric -- The term High-K dielectric refers to...

IC -- Integrated Circuits.

IDM -- Integrated Device Manufacturers e.g. Intel, AMD, Motorola.

IMMERSION Lithography --

A lithography resolution enhancement technique that replaces the usual air gap between the final lens and the wafer surface with a liquid medium such as water.


A process technology in which ions of dopant chemicals (boron, arsenic, etc.) are accelerated in intense electrical fields to penetrate the surface of a wafer, thus changing the electrical characteristics of the material.

ISO -- International Standards Organization.

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