Test Wafers

Various wafers sizes from 50~450mm.

Silicon Wafers from All Major Suppliers

– LG Siltron
– MEMC Electronic Materials Inc.
– Shin-Etsu Handotai, Ltd (SEH)
– Siltronic AG
– Sumitomo Mitsubishi Silicon Group (SUMCO USA)
– Toshiba Ceramics Co. Ltd.

Select from All Grades of Silicon Wafers

– Prime, Device, Litho and Furnace Grade wafers
– Low Particle Test Monitor wafers
– Low Cost, Mechanical Grade Wafers
– Reclaim, Solar Grade Wafers and Scrap
and many more...

450mm Wafers

Silicon, Quartz, Glass and Cr-Coated Glass.

Enables Development of 450mm Programs

An excellent product for characterizing 450mm silicon wafer behavior when designing and testing automation equipment.

Consistent with Anticipated 450mm Guidelines

Standard – 925μm thickness conforms to ISMI provisional values for 450mm wafer thickness. Configured with Notch.
High Quality – Manufactured in Japan.

Entegris Logo Wafer shown in Entegris Carrier

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Blanket Films

Wide Selection –

We provide film stacks for many applications

Check with us for your 'Off the Shelf' solution.
300mm Black Diamond™ -
Next Gen, Black Diamond II (BD2x) -
200 & 300mm BPSG -
300mm Amorphous Carbon [aC] -
300mm Tungsten Silicide [WSi] -
300mm Tungsten Nitride [WN] -
200mm & 300mm Nickel Silicide [NiSi]

and many more...
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