Quartz Wafers of All Sizes

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300mm & 450mm Quartz Wafers

– 300mm/450mm dia ± 0.25mm w/SEMI Std Notch

200mm Quartz Wafers

– 200mm dia ± 0.25mm with Flat/SEMI Std Notch
· Avg Quartz Wafer Thickness 0.725mm ± 0.020mm
· Avg Surface Roughness ≤ 0.3nm
· Quartz Optical Transmissivity > 90% at wavelengths between 200nm - 600nm
· Available also w/ Chromium film.
Wide Selection – Circular, Rectangular and Square quartz substrates for a wide variety of applications.
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Silicon Wafer Ingots

Ask about our Ingot Offerings
Ingots, Tops, Tails and Pot Scrap – A wide variety of
silicon materials available for solar wafer manufacture.

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Recycle Program

Inquire about our Reclaiming and
Recycling of Scrap Silicon:

Advantiv's Scrap Wafer Process Flow
– Inspection
– Sort
– Intellectual Property Control and Removal
– Resistivity Test
– Dopant Type Check (P vs. N)
– Film Removal
– Reclaim and Recycle
– Deployment to Solar and other industries
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