Table of Sputtering Targets

Various Materials of Sputtering Targets.
Metals  Al· C· Cr· Cu· Ge· Co· Au· Hf· In· Fe· Pd· Mo
Ni· Nb· Pt· Se· Si(Multi & Mono)· Ag· Ta· Ti· Sn· W· Zn· Zr· V· etc
Oxides  Al2O3· CeO2· Cr2O3· CuO· Ga2O3· GeO2
In2O3· La2O3· MgO· MnO2· Nb2O3· SiO2· Ta2O5· TiO2· WO3· ZnO· etc
TCO  ITO(In2O3:SnO2)· AZO(ZnO:Al2O3)
GZO(ZnO:Ga2O3)· IGZO(In:Ga:ZnO)· etc
Today, physical vapor deposition (PVD) and sputtering applications are used everywhere. From data storage thru to photovoltaics. Please ask us how we can improve your product needs.

Sputtering Target Processes

Most sputtering targets are manufactured by either induction melting and casting followed by thermo mechanical processing powder consolidation techniques. The particular production route used depends on the target material. Low melting point metals and alloys are normally obtained in target form via melting and casting methods, whereas nonductile and refractory metals and nonmetallic compounds are usually processed into targets from powders. However, some materials such as chromium and nickel- iron alloys, are not fabricated by either method exclusively.

Ask about our assemblies for offerring both indium and elastomeric bonds.

Evaporated Materials

Wide Selection of Evaporation Materials–

Advantiv/Advantec offers the deposition material and sources for various industries involved in thin films for optics and display. We provide varieties of high quality products. Evaporation materials can be customized and developed as per customer specifications. Our worldwide network and business partners help us to fulfill our client's needs with speed and flexibility.

Evaporated Materials and Holders available.
Check with us for your specific solution.
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