Solar Wafers, Cells & MATERIALS

Sputtering Targets

Various Materials of Sputtering Targets.
Metals  Al・C・Cr・Cu・Ge・Co・Au・Hf・In・Fe・Pd・Mg・Mo
Ni・Nb・Pt・Se・Si(Multi & Mono)・Ag・Ta・Ti・Sn・W・Zn・Zr・V・etc
Oxides  Al2O3・CeO2・Cr2O3・CuO・Ga2O3・GeO2
TCO  ITO(In2O3:SnO2)・AZO(ZnO:Al2O3)

and many more...

Wide Variety of Solar Wafers

156 Mono and Multi Crystalline wafers come in various shapes and sizes. Available in wafers, ingots, and many other forms solar grade silicon can be supplied for your specific application. Solar wafers can be purchased in large quantities and small ones. If you are seking a reliable supply chain for your photovolatic device application, please contact us. Let us provide your requirements that you may be looking for with regards to Solar Materials.
Ask us about our wide selection of Solar inventory.

Solar Cell Technology

Inquire about Advantec's Bi-Facial Solar Cells.
PSE-N6 Series Specifications:
In June 2010, Advantec has announced it's PSE-N6 series Bi-Facial solar cell.
A Bi-Facial solar cell is a high efficiency solar cell and cost effective performance. An initial 30MW cell line will start from the Q3, 2011.

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