Advantiv provides a wide variety of power quality products with a particular focus on cost-effective, embedded solutions for capital equipment and facilities with sensitive/critical power quality requirements.


  • PQube3 series: Power Quality Analyzer + Smart Sensor
    • Widely deployed by semiconductor and medical equipment manufacturers, semiconductor chip manufacturing fabs, data centers, railways, etc.
    • Minimizes downtime and warranty/service costs from power quality issues which are often intermittent and hard-to-trace.
    • Provides a unique and mission-critical data set for industrial IoT/predictive maintenance/Industry 4.0 initiatives
  • microPMU: Ultra-accurate phasor meansurements, ideally suited for R&D groups focused on microgrids and distribution grids connecting DERs (distributed energy resources).
    • Measure and understand the complex and dynamic power flows in distribution grids and microgrids, particularly with indreasing DERs (distributed energy resources).
    • Implement real-time control applications using the IEEE C37.118.2-2011 interface.
    • Detect cyber attack rehearsals at substations.
  • Industrial Power Corruptor: Creates bad power quality to test equipment immunity


  • Product integration support for capital equipment OEMs
  • Product implmentation support for manufacturing sites
  • Training and consulting
  • Testing of equipment for resistance/immunity to power quality issues

and more...

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