Advantiv being part of the Advantec Group of Companies allows us to leverage world wide experience, pricing, global strategies and supply chain for your direct needs.

Advantiv has the experience in providing vast solutions for the Semiconductor industry and other technological markets.

    Providing Material needs to a wide Majority of Industries

  • With a vast library of sputtering targets (rotatable to planar).
  • Utilizing industry standards to providing evaporated pellets to powders.
  • Starting Materials with 5Ns to 4Ns to 3Ns.
  • Additional Machining and unique labeling also provided.

    Providing Solid Elements to your specifications

  • Solids:
    Al・C・Cr・Cu・Ge・Co・Au・Hf・In・Fe・Pd・Mg・Mo・Ni・Nb・Pt and more...
  • Oxides:
    Al2O3・CeO2・Cr2O3・CuO・Ga2O3・GeO2・In2O3・La2O3,MgO・MnO2・Nb2O3・SiO2・Ta2O5・TiO2・WO3・ZnO and more...
  • Transparent Conductive Films:
    ITO(In2O3:SnO2)・AZO(ZnO:Al2O3) and more...

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