Advantiv being part of the Advantec Group of Companies allows us to leverage world wide experience, pricing, global strategies and supply chain for your direct needs.

Advantiv has the experience in providing vast solutions for the Semiconductor industry and other technological markets.

    Begins at the Substrate

  • Providing Silicon substrates ranging from extremely high quality (low particle) to mechanical grade. (most dimensions)
  • Providing Quartz substrates ranging from 25mm to 450mm.
  • Providing Glass SLG (Soda Lime Glass) to Eagle XG.
  • We provide your needs.

    More than just a Metal

  • Providing a wide array of quality Thin Films such as:
  • α-Carbon, α-Silicon, Aluminum, Aluminum Copper, Black Diamond[BD1, BD2, BD2x, BD3], BPSG, Cobalt, Coral, Chrome, Copper, Nickel, Polyimide, Platinum, Ruthenium, Silicon Carbide, Silicon Carbon Nitride, Silicon Germanium, Silicon Nitride, Silicon Oxynitride, Tantalum, Tantalum Nitride, Titanium, Titanium Nitride, Tungsten, Tungsten Nitride and more...

    Providing an Array of Processing

  • Providing ALD(Atomic Layer Deposition) procesing.
  • Providing CVD(Chemical Vapor Deposition) processing.
  • Providing PVD(Physical Vapor Depositon) processing.

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