Advantiv being part of the Advantec Group has complete access to Advantec's high quality manufactured vacuum components and vacuum chamber products. We provide the experience for your gas piping needs, assist with designs for your weldments and act as your procurement arm of any and all standard or specialied components.

    Providing Vacuum Solutions to the Semiconductor Industry

  • A comprehensive offering of vacuum component products, including:
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    Blank Flange Series
    2 / 10
    NW Flange Series
    3 / 10
    Pipe End Bellows Series
    4 / 10
    All Bellows Series
    5 / 10
    NW Clamps
    6 / 10
    CF Flange Series
    7 / 10
    4-Way Crosses
    8 / 10
    Nipple Reducers
    9 / 10
    Fittings to Flange
    10 / 10

  • Advantec's components are manufactured under ISO 9001 industry standards and are interchangeable with all other style flanges and fittings.
  • All products produced with the utmost precision originating from the highest quality materials yeilding the best performing products.
  • Equipped to provide anywhere from a custom solution to a standard offering, generating complex chambers to popular gas lines.
  • With Advantec's advanced laser welding capability, the potential for solutions are boundless.
  • Our attention to details and dimesional tollerances with extremely fine surface finishes are what makes us stand out from our competitors.
  • Ask about our Coatings capability for all materials.

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