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Other Wafers Products and Services

Other Wafers  
  • Extensive Supply – With our extensive global network, we can help you find exotic materials.

Here is a sample of some of the wafer substrates and processing services that we can provide:
  • Aluminum Setup Wafers
    –  Wafers made of solid aluminum
    –  300mm diameter ± 0.3mm
    –  Thickness 775 μm ± 75μm
    –  Notch with dimensions compliant to SEMI Standard M1-0302
    –  Polished to a 32RMS Surface Finish

  • Bowed Wafers
    –  Designed for testing wafer chucks and wafer handling automation
    –  Concave or Convex warpage available
    –  Backside of wafer is bare silicon with polished finish
    –  Metal film on front side is used to induce target bow
    –  Warpage measurement data included with each wafer

  • Solid Copper Wafers
    –  Designed for CMP marathon testing
    –  More cost effective than using Blanket Copper wafers on Silicon substrate
    –  High purity copper simulates behavior of copper films
    –  Available in 200mm and 300mm

  • Other Wafers
    –  Quartz Wafers
    –  Silicon Wafers for Automation Testing
    –  Epitaxial Wafers
    –  GaAs
    –  SOI

  • Wafer Inspection and Metrology Services
    Defect analysis and film thickness measurement

Check with us for your hard to find materials

Wide Range of Specialty Setup Wafers Available

Setup wafers available in tungsten, copper, aluminum and other metals
Check with us for setup wafers for your specific application. Setup wafers are available in a wide range of material and wafer diameters.

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