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156mm Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Wafers

156mm solar pseudosquare wafer
  • Wafers for Solar Cell applications – For solar cell development, test and manufacturing.

  • 156mm x 156mm Pseudosquares – Also available in 125mm x 125mm wafer size

  • Multi-Crystalline Silicon – Available in multicrystalline and single crystalline silicon

  • Standard Products Available – Advantiv supplies a variety of standard solar wafer products.

Standard 156mm x 156mm Multi-Crystalline Wafer Specification

Parameter Specification
Conductivity Type P-Type (Boron)
Lifetime ≥ 2 μs
Resistivity 0.5 - 3 Ω-cm
Dimensions 156mm x 156mm, ± 0.5mm
Thickness 200μ ±30μ
TTV ≤ 30 μm
Saw Marks ≤ 20 μm
Bow ≤ 100 μm
Warp ≤ 100 μm
Cracks None
Chips Length < 3mm, Depth < 0.5mm; ≤ 2 each per wafer

Many Other Standard Solar Silicon Wafer Products Available

156mm x 156mm Pseudosquares and 125mm x 125mm Pseudosquares
The most popular sizes for solar silicon wafer substrates are 125mm x 125mm and 156mm x 156mm pseudosquares.  These wafers are available in multi-crystalline silicon and single crystalline silicon.  Advantiv Technologies supplies standard solar wafer substrates in both sizes and crystal types. 

If you require solar wafers, please contact us.

We provide Silicon Materials for Solar Device Manufacturing

Solar Silicon Materials
Available in wafers, ingots, and many other forms, solar grade silicon can be supplied for your specific application. Solar wafers are available in both monocrystalline and polycrystalline forms.

Materials can be purchased in large quantities and small ones. If you are seeking a reliable supply of silicon for your solar photovoltaic device application, please contact us.

Contact us for more information on our solar products offering

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