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Advantiv background

Advantiv Technologies is part of the Advantec Group of companies. Advantec Co. Ltd., the largest distributor of wafers and vacuum components in Japan. Leverage our trusted Pacific Rim Network for your wafer requirements.

  • Superior Quality – We partner with our suppliers to ensure the highest quality and most consistent product performance.

  • Competitive Pricing – Our high volume buying power enables us to obtain the lowest costs for our customers.

  • Secure Supply Chain – We have developed solid relationships with silicon suppliers, such as SEH, SUMCO, MEMC and Komatsu and wafer fabs located worldwide.

  • Extensive Product Offering – With our high volumes, we are able to stock a large variety of film stacks. Check with us for an off the shelf solution to your custom application.

  • Advanced Processes – Many of our suppliers utilize leading edge process technologies. Check with us for hard to find, advanced wafer products.

  • Flexible – We can tailor custom products and programs to meet your specific requirements.

  • Honesty and Integrity – At Advantiv, we value our long term business relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Advantiv Background
Advantiv Technologies, Inc. · 48890 Milmont Drive, Suite 104-D · Fremont, CA 94538 · Tel: 510-490-8260 · Email:
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