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Advantec Wafer Headquarters 450mm Wafer Advantiv Img 1 Bare Test Wafers Img 2 Img 3 Semicon 2014 Rt Side Page Wafers
450mm Silicon Wafers And Others
Let us be your 450mm Wafer Solutions Provider
With various types of 450mm Wafers available we can offer our experience and knowledge in suggesting which may be the best fit for your applications.
Entegris 450mm Carrier and Wafer
Note: Advantiv 450mm wafer shown in Entegris SWS.
Wide Assortment Of Test Wafers And Others
Superior Quality – Partnering with suppliers to ensure highest quality and most consistent product performances.
Competitive Pricing – Our high volume buying power, passes lowest costs for our customers.
Extensive Product Offering – With high volumes, give us ability to stock a large variety of film stacks.

Sputtering Targets, Evaporated Materials And Vacuum Components
Offering sputtering targets for various industries dealing with semiconductor materials, FPD, optical devices, record media, hard anodic oxide coating, and energy. Our worldwide network and partnership...


The Advantage is all yours!

World Wafer Map of Advantiv / Advantec Advantiv Technologies Inc. enables easy access to Pacific Rim products for the semiconductor capital equipment and related industries. With our test wafers to sputtering targets, vacuum components to machined parts, Advantiv provides comprehensive product offerings at competitive prices.
Give yourself more choices. Leverage our trusted Pacific Rim network. By partnering with us, your company can benefit from the true responsiveness of a local supplier, backed by a powerful global supply chain.
Accelerate Your Access to Pacific Rim Products™
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Advantiv Technologies, Inc. is part of the Advantec group of companies...
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Semicon/InterSolar NA 2018
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Semicon Taiwan [2018]
September 5-7, 2018
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