Advantiv Technologies Inc. being part of the Advantec Group of Companies allows us to leverage world wide experience, pricing, global strategies and supply chain for your direct needs.

Advantiv has the expertise in providing total solutions for the Semiconductor industry and many other technological markets.

Providing Semi Processing:

Wafer Solutions

  • From bare substrates to thin film services on common materials including silicon, glass, quartz, SiC along with other common metal substrates.
  • Dimensions: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 450mm, etc.
  • Providing inspection, grinding, polishing and dicing services are common capabilities that are extended to our customers.
  • Providing patterned solutions for all specific needs.
  • Providing grinding/thinning solutions for all specific needs.
  • Providing cleaning / reclaim solutions for all specific needs.
  • Providing thin film solutions for all specific needs.
  • Thin Film(s) [Ag, Al, a-C, Ag, Au, Cu, e-Cu, Fe, IP, Mo, Ni, Pd, Ru SiC, SiGe, SiN, Ta, Ti, TiN, W, WN and more.
  • Providing metrology solutions for all specific needs.
  • Inspection services, dicing services and more...

Material Solutions

  • Providing sputtering targets, rotary and planar with materials such as:
  • Aluminum [Al]
  • Cobalt [Co]
  • Copper [Cu]
  • Gold [Au]
  • Indium [In]
  • Lead [Pb]
  • Lithium [Li]
  • Magnesium [Mg]
  • Manganese [Mn]
  • Molybdenum [Mo]
  • and more...

Vacuum Solutions

  • Providing flanges, center rings, bellows, weldments, viewports and other quality components or chambers.
  • Providing engineering solutions for your specific drawings for gas piping or any specialized unique component.
  • NW Flanges, NW Blank Flanges, NW Center Rings, 0-Rings, NW Fixed
  • NW Clamps, Bulkhead Clamps, NW Chain Clamps
  • ICF Mini Flanges, ICF Gaskets, ICF Viewports
  • Bellows, NW,ICF, ISO types
  • Fittings Elbows, Crosses and more...

Providing Power Quality Solutions:

  • Providing the right tools to capture the true problem.
  • Providing results to Resoving enginering delays due to power quality contentions.
  • Resoving enginering delays due to power quality contentions.
  • Providing power quality monitors to industrial Power corruptors.
  • and more...

Smart Industry Solutions:

  • Providing Smart Industry solutions using products from 3EGreen.
  • Providing Smart Fab solitions utilizing products from ProMOS Technologies.
  • and more...

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